Power and Energy

Bonds has served the power industry for more than 20 years producing high pressure castings for both steam and gas generators for major OEMs. In 2017 we were awarded ASME approved vendor status for NCA 3800 at two of our facilities. 


Our expertise and technical knowledge working with high temperature, creep resistant materials ensures Bonds satisfies the high demands expected on performance, quality and documentation.

Bespoke weld procedures, PWHT and inspection techniques allow Bonds to supply castings as combined fabricated units in similar and differing materials. This gives our customers the option of receiving products in a more advanced state, including machining.


Following an intensive and stringent quality regime with a leading valve manufacturer, two of Bonds' facilities were awarded ASME approved vendor status in accordance with the requirements of NCA 3800.                                                                                                        
We are also producing pump casings in martensitic stainless steel for a global pump manufacturer to supply a nuclear site. 



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